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  • Those were the only differences I saw, too. Other than


    • Originally posted by spiderken17 View Post
      I don't know how Authentic have DJR cars ready to go since they only just announced they secured them? Clearly William had things ready to go at the drop of a hat. Saying that, there are enough 2016 Penske cars already and I haven't bothered getting them all. I sure aren't getting more that have worse colour schemes.
      The plain body is a good idea though. Surprised Biante didn't do one with their mould.
      No that they've decided to do a plain body, I'd love to see a first and last falcon twin set made.


      • Here we are Pug is a photo that is there facebook under one of the announcements of Authentics DJRTP 2016 cars, me too I agree with you all the speed how they have got to this point is so fast. But it does say that they are only the first shot decorated samples so maybe the April/May release date is only an apporoximate or they have told by DJRTP that they want the models produced quickly as we saw with the 2017 cars announced early in the year and only just out by xmas is my theory.

        I will be pre ordering one of the 2016 Bathurst cars the #17 Pye/D'Alberto as it was the highest placed Ford and maybe a plain body FGX, be interesting to see and compare the quality to a Biante FGX.

        You never know Pug DJRTP might just run a retro livery in this year the Sandown 500 retro round so might not be a lean year for you in terms of DJRTP diecasts, thats what happens when they even though its a great livery from 2017 DJR dont change it in terms of the Shell liverys the Diecast models will be lean unless its a Bathurst or Championship winner. I cant see Authentic doing a 2018 DJRTP FGX as its the same livery as 2017 and Biante already have released the single release 2017 cars plus the twin set and the 2 Bathurst cars coming out soonish in the 2nd qtr so they wouldnt flood the market I dont think.

        Thats why I love and collect the PRA/Tickford Racing cars even though there liverys can be hit and miss sometimes they are always changing them each year plus the retro round so lots of Diecasts each year unless its like the #6 Monster Energy that doesnt change

        Click image for larger version  Name:	28870536_413900189039865_8745623696312187103_n.jpg Views:	1 Size:	73.2 KB ID:	652214

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        • Thanks for that shot I missed it. OK to me the grill is different and sits in further, the car definitely sits lower at the front. The side window frames are different somehow (maybe thinner and look more rounded on the top) and the headlight fitting is different around the indicator. The front wheel arch does not look as rounded either.

          Definitely a different mold but has been worked on for a fair bit of time to be at this stage. It's only a prototype of course but I would be surprised if they can match or beat the quality of the Biante models this early in their operation. Apex had their issues at first and to me have still yet to get to the Biante level (too much waterslides for my liking, this car looks to be the same)

          The popularity of the 2017 cars means this year's cars will be made for sure, I forgot about the possibility of a decent retro livery this year and of course IF they win Bathurst or the Championship I would have to get them.


          • I love how it sits. Its a DJRTP explosion at the moment.