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    Hi all Collectors.

    Just thought I would start something new.

    I was thinking that we should post pictures of our collection to show people what sort of things are floating around.
    Cabinets, New Ideas, Display Techniques.

    Well I'll start it off and if it falls on its bum OH WELL
    At least I tried.

    The picture of the car I have attatched is the Moffat Mustang with the roof of the car signed.

    Check it out & I hope to pictures of other people cars.


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    What The

    Does anybody know where the attatched file went because I have no idea.

    Maybe this was a bad idea.
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      Good idea...a gallery would be nice....especially the idea of showing techniques about how to keep bonnets opened etc...
      could be very inspiring(<---?) Just dont know how much work it would be to create rooms for 2 or 3 different topics(gallery...instructions for building cabinets etc...just for example)
      Would also be nice to have a good link collection for decals and supplies like wheels or tuning-parts....


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        This is a very good idea, I agree that getting some pics with peoples different display techniques and also what differnet cabinets are out there, whether they be home made or commercial, as I'm in the process of thinking up a design for my new and first display cabinet,,
        Anyhow lets hope it creates some interest.

        Cheers Tyson


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          great idea maximus how about you post yor email address people can send theres with message to say they are interested you can make a mailing list and you wont lose any files


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            Hi Guys.

            After attatching the file and seeing the quality I think that people should send me there photos and I can start a collection of different photos.

            There for we can see higher quality photos and whoever wants them can email me what type they are after and I can forward updates as they come in.

            Well here is my email address

            See if we can get things rolling.

            If anybody has a good idea to do it a better way I am open for suggestions.




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              What about a basic website, for us to post pics of our collection, I have no idea how to build one but would love to learn, or help out in anyway I can, or this might be a bad idea, its just a thought anyway.

              also added a pic of some of my collection.

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                Hi all,

                Here are my models after 8 years of collections. I've collected all kind of 1:18 scale models. Some 1:16 & 1:20 (If 1:18 is not avail)

                Would like to share this with you guys. Check my site out at

                Happy collecting!



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                  If you go to you can have a look at many pictures of peoples collections.


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                    my site

                    Hi All,

                    I have been collecting model cars since 2000 - and hence have alot of 1:43 CCs but since I found out about the BIANTE models these are the main ones that I collect now.

                    I also have pics of my display cabinet. I know how hard these are to come by and lucky for me my father is pretty handy when it comes to building things so I gave him some measurements and voula

                    Check it out @ and feel free to browse the rest fo the site and sign the guestbook.

                    take it easy!



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                      Hi All,
                      I have had a site up for a while now with pictures of regular forum users collections on, i even offered to host collectors pics.
                      Take a look at

                      You will also find some other interesting stuff there as well as links.


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                        Do you also accept pics of non-Biante car collections on your page?


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                          Hi Marty,
                          Yes mate i will post some pf your pics if you like , just choose a few that you would like on and i will add them. email them to me at


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                            Hi All,

                            WOW! I did not expect my site to reach it's daily limit. Unfortunately the site which hosts it only allows 500mb downloads/day (ooops 17mb/day, 500mb/month).

                            Please check back later as it resets each day (which is about 3pm EST).

                            Hope you all enjoy it.




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                              Thought it was about time to revive a good topic... and seeing as I just got some of my model collection into my first cabinet today,, I thought it was a good excuse,, probably not a good display as some,, but non the less , one I'm very proud of,, as we all should be of our collections...

                              Regards & Happy Collecting

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