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Formula One exhibition (Wellington, NZ)

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  • Formula One exhibition (Wellington, NZ)

    There is currently a Formula One exhibition on at Te Papa museum here in Wellington. It runs until 1 November. The exhibition is focussing on the design element of F1 cars, but also has a good history about F1 and the New Zealand drivers that have been involved with it over the years (mainly Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme and Chris Amon). There are 9 F1 cars on display in the exhibition ranging from the Lotus 16 (1958) to the McLaren MP4-21 (2006).

    Here are a few photos...

    McLaren M7A - Denny Hulme (NZ), 1968.

    Bradham BT20 - Jack Brabham, 1966.

    McLaren MP4-21 (2006) - exhibited in 2009 livery for Lewis Hamilton.

    The rear of the McLaren MP4-21 (2006).

    There are more photos at ....

    For more info on the exhibition....

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    the brabham and hulme cars are magnificent.


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      Might have to get my act together and visit.Looks like the sort of thing you would take a young fella to see.


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        Sorry to disapoint you, but it finished a few months back.


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          Originally posted by tonynz View Post
          Sorry to disapoint you, but it finished a few months back.
          Spose one should read the post date !!


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            I never made it up to it, was planning but ran out of time


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              Was a great event as well, lots to read and to see some of the old classic cars up close was just great.

              But yea as tony said, its all over now,