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Rosso Model cars - any information, no matter how small

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  • Rosso Model cars - any information, no matter how small

    Hi everyone,
    I am inquiring about the Japanese model manufacturer, Rosso, or Rosso Corporation.
    I have one of their cars, a 1:43 R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo roadcar, and apart from that I know nothing about them.
    The body appears to be plastic, with opening doors and bonnet. The detail is exceptionally high, but the car is light and feels fragile. The previous owner has superglued the wheels on and there is glue residue on it (not happy Jan). I paid too much for it I think, but as I had never seen one before, I did not know.

    What I was hoping to find out was:

    Are they really in fact a Japanese manufacturer?

    Have they gone out of business?

    Were they all plastic kits, or preassembled, or were some even diecast?

    What other cars have they done? (I have seen for sale two R32 GT-R racecars in 1:43. I believe, through a rumour, that they have made a Ferrari too, but unknown as to whether it was a road or racecar)

    What scales?

    Production runs?

    Any partnerships with other manufacturers? (Herpa for instance?)

    Where to purchase any more?

    Anything else about them.

    Internet searches have revealed nothing about them, so I thought I'd turn to the model community on Biante. I figure that someone like Jager might be able to shed more light on this for me, or anyone else who has seen them, knows anything about them, or even owns some.
    I am really keen to know everything I can about them, no matter how trivial, as I can find nothing at all.



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    As far as I know they are not in business anymore. The boss of Rosso has something to do with Fujimi.. family member or something simular.

    They are Japanese manufacture.

    Most of their products are all in plastic. Some do come with white metal parts.

    They have done:

    1/43 pre-assembled:
    R32 Skyline (Black road car, Calsonic #12, Calsonic #1, ZEXEL #2, ZEXEL #25)
    Ferrari F40 (Black & red)

    1/43 plastic kit
    R32 Skyline (Silver road car, Calsonic.....and 5-6 other types)

    1/24 F1 plastic kit
    Ferrari 642 & 643 (3-4 types)

    1/43 F1 plastic kit
    Ferrari 642 & 643 (3-4 types)

    1/12 (or 1/10) plastic kit
    Ferrari 642 (or maybe 643)

    If you want more info or photo email me at


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      Thanks for replying mic. I have been watching the forums, and a lot of people have been looking at this thread, but no-one has been posting.

      How do you know all this info? And do you have any yourself?


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        just got an answer from Japan.. the guy who used to own Rosso was old man Fujimi's son-in-law..


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          You move quickly...
          I was hoping to find a website about them, or some quality discussion board on the net, but I cannot find a thing. Even a half-decent gallery of their cars would be nice, but there is nothing.

          I have heard of the Fujimi link before, but thought it was just a rumour.

          It doesn't seem like they had a particularly wide distribution in Australia.


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            Mic was a little faster than me, but here's something that may be of use.

            According to one reference I found the Rosso Corporation of Japan had a major factory fire and went bankrupt. This was sometime after 1992 when they produced a 1:8 Ferrari F1 car :-


            An online store in Hong Kong lists a road version of the Skyline for US$ 65 (A$ 90) - perhaps you didn't pay too much after all :-



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              they also did some 1/24 plastic kits:

              Ferrari 512TR ( 2 types)
              Mazda RX7

              I would say the quality is in between Tamiya and Hasegawa.. much better than Fujimi.


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                "An online store in Hong Kong lists a road version of the Skyline for US$ 65 (A$ 90) - perhaps you didn't pay too much after all :-

       [/B][/QUOTE] "

                Looking at the condition that car is in, maybe I still paid too much! I think I paid approx. AU$80. I must have "Sucker" on my forehead. Remember, my car has glue residue on the front wheel that will never come off, so is not mint. And my cars was not screwed down either...

                Thanks for your replies. It seems overall though, knowledge on Rosso is a bit thin on the ground...
                Any basic value/price? (For the pre-built boxed cars)?