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  • Originally posted by nrma dave View Post
    the detail is exellent. rear parcel shelf straps and aswell.
    Yeah, the parcel tray raises and lowers as you open the boot!


    • Originally posted by Pug205 View Post
      So I am still to receive my replacement EL model from Biante. Sent back the faulty one last Wednesday using an overnight courier to speed up the process instead of using their return Aus post label. They had a public holiday on the Friday and swapped over operating systems at that time so didn't get it out last week. Fair enough.

      However the whole of this week it looks like they have held the car in the warehouse due to a backlog of orders apparently as I have had no shipping information or confirmation through email correspondences or my enquiries. I was told it would ship on Monday than maybe on Wednesday after I mentioned I was away next week so would of liked to receive before than so to not stretch this out for a third week.

      To me it is really pathetic service after making a pre order, receiving a badly made product, and me sending it back at my cost in good faith to not get this resolved on their end ASAP.

      After 18 years of business this will sadly be my last Biante purchase I think.

      Totally ruined this release for me!
      Mate your doing better than me, my car is a mess, the bonnet is scratched to hell, decals are poorly placed, paint runs, and glue drops all over the place.

      I re-opened my Facebook account; sent pictures as requested, and got nothing back... I even sent an email, still nothing, fair enough if Biante doesn't have a replacement - I just want my money back.

      I got sucker-punched with the 95 Sandown car a few years back, nothing was learned, now this... I am about to walk from the hobby after 15 years and 200 cars, 80 were 1:18.


      • That really sucks, my retailer pre checks all models and won't let them out the door unless they are right. On occasion he has said not to come in because it's not worth the effort, but never has he sold me a dud.


        • Yeah mine does that as well. In fact, years ago he couldn't get a good quality djr car for me so gave me one for free as he wasn't happy selling it to me but knew I needed one for my collection because I am a completist.