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What models would you like to see??

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  • What models would you like to see??

    Just wondering what other collectors would like to see on thier shelves. Personally I would like to see the SBR cars and Transporters. Also the B&H M3 driven by Tony Longhurst in the ATCC during 91-92. That would look awesome.

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    i though a john goss xb coupe would be a ripper, certainly given that xb/c coupes are in production anyways....


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      How about Mad Max's Interceptor??

      Can't wait for the HKTG Monaros, and the early 80's racing commodores. Im not a big commodore fan, but those big flared guards looked hot.


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        G'day Fellers,
        How about a full set of 1-43 scale cars of Bathurst Winners from 1960 to now. Vauxhall's, Mercs, Minis and all.

        Regards Shane.


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          How about our aussie world champs in 1/18th

          Jack Brabham and Allan Jones (Mark Webber as well )

          You can get all sorts of drivers in F1 models who never amounted to anything. Yet we have 2 world champs and 1/18th models have never been made, surely there is a market for these models considering the amount of F1 collectors world wide.



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            to the above contributor ;
            I do agree 100% and know that it will happen one day


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              More Early 1.43 scales

              As a to keep collector of 1.43's I'd like to see more Holdens and Fords from the 60's, 70's and 80's, I'd also Like to see Brock and Moffat relese in 1.43's


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                Allan Moffat - 1982-84 Group C Mazda RX-7 (Australian Touring Car Championship Winner 1983)

                Allan Moffat - ANZ Ford Sierra (Sandown Winner 1989?)

                Allan Grice - 1986 Chickadee VK Commodore (Bathurst Winner)

                Kevin Bartlett - 1982-84 Croup C Camaro

                George Fury - 1984 Group C Bluebird (Bathurst Pole Winner)

                Robbie Francevic - 1986 Volvo 240T (Australian Touring Car Championship Winner 1986)

                Also from the Group C era were the class winning cars like the Bernie Haehnle 1973 Mazda RX-2, Don Holland 1975 Mazda RX-3 , Bo Seton 1976 Capri, RS2000 Escorts etc.


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                  I would love to see some of the current Au falcons, Stone brothers cars look good, Larko's new car and Setons new car also look awsome, The cat Falcon or the 2 new Ozemail cars !! I also agree transporters would look great in the collection. All in 1:18 of course


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                    I have to agree. models of our Aus. F1 champs would be good And bring on the 1/43 chargers, road and racing versions


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                      Let this be a lesson to everyone....always proofread what you write lol. I mean 1/18 chargers


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                        police cars

                        I especially like to collect Police cars.
                        All Holden Commodore Vic or Australian Police cars.
                        I have one VS 1:43, and one Custom VT 1:43 & one custom VT 1:18. also have several other HSV/Holden 1:18 models (GTS, GTS Coupe, Monaro CV8, Clubsport R8, VL Walkinshaw) and some other scale models of 57 chev's.


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                          Lifesize, fully detailed and functioning replica's of all notable Australian Racecars would be nice!!!
                          Seriously, as said earlier, the Alan Moffat RX7 would be a great model, especially since I've got myself a real-life RX7, and have grown to really like it!


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                            Cars i would like to see made in 1:18 are

                            Brock/Perkins VK Commodore
                            Brock Austin A30
                            Mark Webber 5th Place 2002 Aussie GP Minardi
                            A-Team Van
                            Knightrider Trans-am

                            Oh and we wont see any SBR V8 cars made by Biante as Classic Carlectables has exclusive rights to them.


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                              John goss XB would be great in 1:18 but I am really waiting to see the R/T Chargers in 1:18, hopefully in orange