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    "Shaggin' Wagon"

    In my youth I proudly owned an XB GS Falcon Panel Van. V8, lowered, mags, decked out in the back etc. In 1:18 scale, I dare say Panel Vans would look good with opening rear doors to display the interior.
    Throughout the seventies manyl types of panel vans were prolific on Australian roads, Chryslers, Holdens, Escorts, Minis.
    Probably most privately owned, were modified ("hotted up") and probably don't suit collectors of "stock" models which appear to be the prominent requested models, especially by Biante and AutoArt but I think maybe, one or two of those "vans" from the seventies in 1:18 would sell quite well.


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      I have resisted posting my own comments here cos many people have already said they would like to see those things I would like to see, but can resist no longer.

      My first car was an original EK was fantastic and I have always regretted sellling it, so yeah, i would like to see one of these in 1:18 (particularly Blue with a White roof).

      I have also been a proud owner of a HQ Panelvan, a green UC Sunbird (with a 253 replacing the original 4cyl...maybe Biante would consider the 2 door 6 cylinder hatch UC), An XY Wagon (wouldn't mind seeing some wagons) and in later years an XF Falcon (I think there were probably no XF's that really deserved mention due to the lack of V8's or special versions but a model would be nice anyway).

      Had a coupla Datto's too but most of them were crap, except the 69 Datto 1000 and the 1200 Coupe (yeah models of these wouldn't be too bad either but are straying from the Aussie car thing).

      Yep, I've had Fords and Holdens, and whilst I am primarily a Ford fan, I like the older holdens as they are simple to work on (the Fords seem to have extra bits that complicate things).

      AS it isany of the older Aussie Fords and Holdens would be cool...XM's, XPs...EK's. HR's, EH's (these would be particularly cool) FJ's....the list goes on.


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        What I want.

        A Datsun 1600, road or rally, any colour. Does anybody know were you can get one from, or even if they existed? (stop laughing at me!)


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          Lachlan. (Only Joking)
          The only vague idea I have is Vitnesse.... They're the only company I can think of which makes these "less popular" cars..... and even then it'd only be in 1:43 scale. Hope this helps.


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            Lachlan - you mention you want a Datsun 1600. While this is not strictly related to this thread topic (apologies everyone), you may have more luck finding a 1600 through the Ebbro range of 1:43 cars. I know they definitely make Datsun 1200's in coupe and ute (don't laugh, they are excellent quality and look great). Go to and have a look at their range. I know that Mark Griffin at 'Model Cars Too' in Sydney imports Ebbro models (he gets them for me), and I also believe that 'Sheriff's Minicars' in Parramatta import them too. Good luck.

            And to everyone else, sorry for posting a reply that is not strictly within the bounds of this thread topic. Just helping out a fellow collector!


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              Thanks guys!!

              Thanks for your help Andrew and thekid_600,
              I check out the Ebbro site and it was great exactly what I’m looking for, but over seas a Datsun 1600 is called a Bluebird SSS 510?, don’t know why, buts it’s the same car anyway.
              Then I rang Mark at ‘Model Cars Too� in Sydney and he had all the colours in stock, so I brought one strait away. He’s sending it express post cause I can’t wait for it. I got a white one, as this was the first car I ever owned. (Only 7 years ago). So now I have a new favourite model.
              I told him that a guy called Andrew put me on to him (from the Biante site of course), so next time your talking to him say thanks for me. I think he will remember the call cause I was pretty excited.
              This is what I like about collecting, fellow collectors helping each other out. We have one happy boy on our hands here!
              And to every body laughing at me cause it’s only a Datto, laugh all you want cause there a great little car.


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                Nothing wrong with Datsuns at all mate, the 1600 is
                one of the best ever rally cars!! Reckon I might check
                out that site you've been told about myself!



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                  What ever happened to the VT Commodore Police Pursuit car Tango 155? If we are going to have big bad V8 models we might as well have the cop cars that can chase them.

                  What do a think??


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                    To Lachlan,

                    No worries mate. Glad you found what you wanted. You should be pretty happy with the quality of the model when you get it too, although there will obviously be little differences between the Aussie market 1600 that you owned compared to the Japanese version.

                    Its good that Ebbro is making these 'lesser' known cars (ie. non Ferrari, Porsche etc.), as you and I have proved there is definitely a market for them.

                    Keep an eye out for Ebbro's early 70's Corolla - it should be a great little car.




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                      Yes.... I'd like to see the VT Pursuit car too!! It's look great next to a GTS coupe! But thing is.... which state's cop car would they make?


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                        co-incidently, I beleive they're making a WA pursuit due out this year... That's what I was told. I'm hanging out. The WRX was on the cards first I was told, and then the pursuit, in 1/18...
                        I'm hanging for that... haven't heard any further yet.

                        but, I remember, another model I'd like to see..
                        HSV VS GTS-R



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                          roity, HSV VS GTR will come after the VR/VS shell comes out I'd imagine.


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                            Models want to see

                            How about a model of Brock's LC Torana,supercharged rallycross car???:::


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                              I would like to see the clubsport in phantom or the R8 in phantom. Why was it only made in Red?!


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                                Yes, yes, more Xy's of course ( I owned a track red phase 3 myself) but the only Holden I interested in is Brock's Marlboro A9X (anyone want my 2001 Skaife, it's looking out of place amonst my growing Moffet collection!).

                                A model dealer was trying to tell me it cannot be produced because of the tobacco advertising.

                                It sounds like crap ( I'm sitting here looking at the Camel stickers on my Federation Falcon ) but I'm thinking this could be the only reason such a classic hasn't been produced seeing the white one was done.

                                Now, this subject must have come up ages ago, but I can't see anything in the forums. Could someone please inform the ignorant?