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Dinkum Classics - Australian Diecast Model Cars

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  • Dinkum Classics - Australian Diecast Model Cars

    Hello members,

    I have spent quiet some time developing this but it is now finally online and active.

    Welcome to my Dinkum Classics website and Facebook page. Here you will find the most comprehensive photo catalogue of almost every model car made by Dinkum Classics.

    If anyone can assist with photos, better quality photos, old brochures or flyers, anything Dinkum related, that would be greatly appreciated.


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    What, no Dinkum Classic collectors out there in Bianteland ?
    Over 100 views, no likes, and no comments.
    I have read comments in the past about them being expensive and not very accurate, but they were around well before biante and CC.
    lowy44 ….. you done good, and a visit to your website is recommended. It has been added to my ‘favourites’ list


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      Yes good website. Had no idea so many cars had been made. I don't have any dinkum cars so good luck with your effort.


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        Great job on the website and accompanying Facebook page. I have seen cars on there even I didn't know existed....


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          One of my first models was a dinkum red fj with fatties bought at the echuca Holden museum back in about 87. Sold it about 10 years back so I can't help with a photo.