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  • CAMS rule changes

    For Immediate Release.

    In an effort to deflect constant criticism of the size of fields in Formula Four, CAMS has decreed that all competing cars are to be wrapped or painted in a reflective material. ‘We believe this will make the cars and therefore the series more attractive to sponsors and potential competitors,’ said CAMS’s spokesperson.
    This is a technique long used by zoos with dwindling populations of herd animals; it makes the animals think the herd is bigger and they are therefore encouraged to breed. Not that we think Formula Four cars breed, that is.
    Further series that have suffered from criticism will also have some adjustments made. The new Super Utes series will now have loudspeakers in the trays that will make engine noises from either petrol-engined cars, or by the miked-up drivers making car noises while they drive.

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    Can I sell you the Sydney Harbour bridge with that?


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      Wouldn't be April the 1st would it?