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  • 1:12 Scale purchase

    First time poster and a novice guys so please go easy on me.
    Let me just say to start with that I'm just a small time collector and only have a few cars

    Question #1

    I want to purchase one of the following 1:12 scale resin model cars ( $450 ) for my 4 year old boy to put away and give to him when he is older but was also looking at it as an investment that might potentially increase in value

    In your opinion, if it was you, wish one would you purchase? ( keeping in mind the massive difference in Production Numbers )

    2015 LOWNDES / RICHARDS - B12H15Q ( 888 Produced )

    2016 VAN GISBERGEN - B12H16X ( 140 Produced )

    Im leaning toward the Van Gisbergen one as there is only 140 of them in the world! and surely it will be a rarer, more sought after model further down the track?

    Is that how you read it or is the Lowndes car going to be worth more because, well, it is Craig Lowndes?

    Question # 2

    As far as I'm aware, on the first edition models ( 2015 ) the rear spoilers were FIXED to the car. Apparently they were getting broken off the car so from 2016 onwards they are now sent as a separate piece to fit onto the car. I have played with several of these cars and the spoiler doesn't even click in place it just sits in 2 little holes as a very loose fit in the boot and keeps falling off as soon as you touch the car!

    This attachment. or lack of, seems to be a massive design flaw and a real pain

    Has anyone else noticed this? - i don't want to glue it on - maybe just some Blue Tac??

    Thanks in advance.........

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    Welcome to the hobby Zimmerpete.

    Q1 - In my opinion, don't make your decision based on investment potential. Yes, some models do appreciate over time, but you'll only realise that value if you actually sold the model. Your 4yo might be peeved if you did that! lol. Pick the one you like the best.

    Q2 - I've not seen these models and the wing fitment, but don't be scared of a little glue. Try some blu-tac first (it's safe, not permanent and wont damage the paint), but if that's no good a little superglue should do the trick. TIP: don't squeeze glue direct from the bottle to the model. Put some on a plastic surface (like an old icecream container lid) and use a pin or toothpick to accurately put a little glue in the hole or on the locating pin.

    Enjoy whichever one you get (or grab both!).