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Hi Guys just to let you know this ok

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  • Hi Guys just to let you know this ok

    Hi guyís but sorry to say.

    Well itís with a heavy hart to say this as Iím am retiring from doing the comps sorry to say, and itís been a long time Iíve been on the forum doing this, and helping Pete with his comps for his posters over the years and then I ask Biante for models cars for comps over the years as well and Jim Richards for drive dayís for the forum comps as well thanks Jim and biante, so I hope biante will keep it going for you, so thanks Biante for everything over the years it was nice to meet you guys like Chris, William, Julian, and on the phone Kelly in reception and others over the years so on that note bye good luck but not gone I will still be on here now and again cheers

    Kind regards
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    youve done well wazza, apprecite your dedication over the years. cheers dave


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      Thanks very much for all of your efforts.


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        Thank you for all your efforts, Warren. It was a very generous thing to do with your time over the years and was much appreciated. Glad to hear you're still hanging around though


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          Thanks heaps for all you time and effort with the comps Waz, i won a couple over the years ( one was even a djr car!) Thanks to Biante and the others who supplied prizes as well.


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            Well done Wazza, thank you for all your efforts, they have not gone unnoticed in my eyes


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              Thanks Wazza, it was a pleasure to meet you at Bathurst a few years ago.


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                thanks guy's

                yeah steveK51 it was a pleasure to of meet you as well mate cheers and all others I have meet over the years as well thanks all