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  • Which is the more correct??


    I recently purchased both the CC Autobarn commodore and the Biante Boost commodores for my collection. In terms of overall quality, the Biante ZB is the better product and I have no real issue that the CC ZB quality is average as the car fits nicely into my collection.

    However one point that is very noticeable between both cars is the ride height. To me the wheel track of the CC ZB is too narrow but the ride height appears to be more realistic. Whilst the Biante ZB wheel track appears to be more correct but the ride height seems to be too high. This is noticeable with the height of the rear spoiler. There is approx 2mm difference in the height which would be approx 11cm in reality.

    So my question to all is which do you think is the more correct height??

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    How did you work out your math???


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      Hi HRT_Fan.

      Not sure if this is the correct calculation or even if how I have worked it out is actually correct but there was apprx 2mm difference between the heights of the two rear wings on the models themselves.

      So I divided the 2mm by 18 (being 1/18 scale). The answer was 0.111. I then multiplied this by 1000 to get a value in millimetres to compare to 1m (1000mm).

      As I said, I am not sure if this is correct as I have tried a couple of other ways and got answers of 36mm and 202mm............ but a value of 110mm in real life to me looks about correct.


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        Ok, just should be 2 X 18 gives you 36 mm difference in full scale, really not that much


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          That's how I would have worked it out as well 2mm x 18 = 36mm


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            Hi, Thanks for letting me know. Much appreciated.


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              I was under it impression they scanned and or did measurements of the cars and feed that into a computer program that modelled the cars so unless the measurements are off they should be exactly the same.

              CC and Binate have always had differences CC wheel camber has always been more aggressive . Having said that im just happy we have the huge choice in the Australian market considering how small it is


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                I have found in the past that CC V8 supercars have generally had a lower stance than the Biante versions.


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                  Congrats and nice cool pic.


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                    Originally posted by spiderken17 View Post
                    I have found in the past that CC V8 supercars have generally had a lower stance than the Biante versions.
                    Aside from supercars the wheels have been wrong on the touring cars from the 70s as they appear to be the same size all around while they actually ran much bigger wheels and tyres on the rear.


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                      Yes you really notice that on the Greens Tuf falcons. The rear wheels on those were huge.