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  • Scale Size?

    Im contemplating switching to 1:43 scale from 1:18 due to saving for house.and just wont be able to afford the 1:18 scale anymore.I definetly wont be going to 1:64 as I think thats way to small.
    My question is what is the detail like in the 1:43 compared to 1:18 and can anyone tell me roughly how big is 1:43. I assume Matchbox models are 1:64.

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    1:43 scale can be as detailed as a 1:18 scale, however things like doors, boot, bonnet wont probably open. 1:43 scale are around 9cm in length.

    its like anything else in the market. you can get good quality and crap quality depending on the manufacturer.

    biante make quite good (and very detailed) 1:43 scale models.

    1:64 scale is matchbox size. dont let this put you off. biante make good 1:64 scale models as well. just look at their web site to see these models continously being sold out. they must be doing something good.

    the only thing ive noticed with the ford 1:64 models is the rear wing looks abit too big for the car but apart from that both holden and ford versions are very highly detailed.

    in deciding what scale you choose, i suggest for you to walk into any model retailer and look for yourself. after all your going to pay for it. you need to be happy with your purchase no matter what scale you decide.


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      As loste_treasures said, there is are differences in quality between manufacturers in 1:43, as there are in 1:18. I collect both scales, and it is nearly sending me bankrupt. Biante make very good quality 1:43 Touring Cars and old Australian muscle cars, but so do Minichamps (probably one of the best) with their range of rally cars, road cars and race cars, iXO with their rally cars, road cars and race cars, and now Vitesse have come back and their products aren't looking too bad. AutoArt produce very good 1:43 cars too. Just because you have downgraded in size doesn't have to mean that the quality or detail is downgraded. There are whole groups and forums on the net that cater specifically for 1:43. Take a good look at some of the 1:43 cars available now, and you'll see that you don't have to skimp on detail or quality. The AutoArt cars at least have turning front wheels, but no opening doors or bonnets. Some Minichamps cars have opening bonnets (I believe), while a 'Rosso Corporation' (now defunct Japanese die cast modeller) GT-R I have has opening doors and bonnet, and moving windscreen wipers - all in 1:43!


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        I agree with the previous posts. Worldwide, 1:43 scale is the most popular one. However, in my opinion, the level of detail is nowhere near to that of 1:18 scale because of an utter lack of opening features. I think the reason why 1:64 Biante models are such a hit is because detail-wise the difference between the same Biante 1:64 and 1:43 model is not that pronounced as between 1:43 and 1:18, while 1:64 minicars are noticeably cheaper than 1:43. My advice to you would be to mix and match between 1:43 and 1:18. I usually buy one ATCC Holden and one Ford per year and compliment them with 1:43s of other teams. I think that's a sensible compromise, since getting each model in 1:18 scale is prohibitively expensive for almost anyone. Although the funny thing is that in the US, most of 1:43 scale models by Minichamps or EBBRO are priced only $5 to $10US cheaper than the majority of AutoArt 1:18 scale models.



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          I look at the appeal of the model and ignore the scale. If I like the car then I'll buy it!

          I generally collect 1:18 for the detail, but have only recently 'switched' my preferences.

          If I like a model and its 1:43 I see if its available in 1:18. If not I'll probably buy the 1:43 version as it appealed to me in the first place.

          If your moving from 1:18 down to 1:43, I wish you luck, as I know I would have difficulty accepting being 'forced' into any scale.

          Good luck!


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            Just been done to my local model shop and saw a couple of Biante 1:43 scale cars, not bad at all. Like the hard display cases there in.


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              Originally posted by sboland
              Just been done to my local model shop and saw a couple of Biante 1:43 scale cars, not bad at all. Like the hard display cases there in.
              Most of the Biante race cars are also numbered and come with a certificate as well.

              did you see the 1:64 cars??


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                Yep saw the 1:64, not bad either Good value for around $9. I think the 1:43 are a bit pricey for there scale.Around the 20 to 30 dollar mark would be better.