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    What's the deal with them... are they still in business? As far as I can tell they no longer have a website.

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    stopped in 2000 I think, 1/24 Mad Max was the last one.


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      As far as I know, I think they may have pulled the plug. Hard to compete with 1/43 relatively basic models against the likes of Biante & CCs for the 'Aust models' market when the last 2 mentioned are putting out models with pretty much all the goodies, for comparable money. I still have a couple of Mustangs & XBs to remind me of 'The Good Old days' when models of Australian built cars were as scarce as chooks teeth & cost about the same !!


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        I have over 60 1:43 made by Dinkum Classics.I started buying them back in the late 70's.I remember thinking that $19.95 was a lot to pay for a model car.What a shame there still not produced.A great loss to the model car industry.


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          My two most treasured models in my collection are my two DJR XD and XE Falcons built by Dinkum in the early '80's..

          I drooled over the adverts in the magazines of the time & it took me 20 years to be able to afford to get them.
          Availability & condition being the biggest factor there I suppose.

          It's a real shame to hear that they are closed up, I'm sure that they started the diecast dream for a lot of us here.



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            dinkum were my first introduction to the model game ( I have had therapy, and deleted trax from the memory )
            I have all the Brock bathurst winners and some sister cars, they were good at the time, but looking back...bloody dear $175 ea for a 1:43.


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              I haven't seen their other stuff, but the MM2 Interceptor impresses the hell outta me! Glad I was able to find one.

              It's even got the little booby-trap under the gas tank!


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                Anybody willing to share some photos of their Dinkum cars that are missing from my website