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    just reading the latest perfomance ford mag and it has an article on the falcon eb ss only 10 were made the one in the mag was raced by mal rose in the 93 season of production cars just wondering if any one else has any more info on these or know of any more that survived there racing life .
    not a bad collecters item if ya got one

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    The EB SS was used as an update to the EA which Kent Youlden had used so successfully to win the national championships. It was based around the 4Lt 5sp Falcon, except it has a better exaust, re-maped EEC V, lower/stiffer sus., body kit & more!!!

    It was created for production (Group E) racing and i think Kent Youlden had a very major part in its' development. He was (still is) working at Ford and convienced them to modify the Falcon to help it win races against the new 6 cyclinder SS Commodore. The car did win, but i couldn't tell you how many (its' too long ago for me to remember).

    Can't remember anymore of the top of my head, so i hope this helps,