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  • Biante Forum Rules

    Biante Forum Rules

    The Biante forums are open to all members of the public and for the enjoyment of all members. There are a few basic rules which we would ask all members to adhere to when writing their responses to posts and starting new threads.

    The following items are not allowed on these boards:

    * Advertising: A big No, No on this forum! If you have something diecast/motor-sport related that you want to sell, post it on the Biante Buy/Sell/Swap page within the Biante Website.
    * Links to live items for sale on auction/sale sites on the Internet.
    * Swearing, in any way, shape or form, including inserting characters to take the place of letters.

    Members who choose to post anything which may contain any of the above items will have their account suspended and the offending post/s deleted without notice from the Moderation Team.

    Spamming, Trolling and Flaming
    Biante take these three issues very seriously.

    A glossary of terms:
    * Spamming: Is when a member deliberately posts links to ads, deals, offers etc.
    * Trolling: Is when someone will join the forum just to make antagonistic posts to irritate and annoy members for their own amusement (i.e.: Acting like a Troll!)
    * Flaming: (similar to Trolling) Is when a member posts with or without the intention of attacking or antagonising other members, moderators, or Biante staff.

    Any member found posting any of the above will have their membership terminated forthwith.

    The following items are what we class as forum etiquette and help to keep this forum a fun place to frequent

    Avoid Using Capitals
    The use of capital letters in typing comes across as shouting, so please take note of your caps lock button before submitting a post.

    Staying on Topic

    We know that sometimes it is easy to get carried away when having a discussion, however it would be appreciated if all members could keep in mind that staying on topic is an important part of the forum etiquette.

    Correct Spelling and Grammar
    We are aware that spelling and grammar may not be everyone's strong point but giving your post a quick proof read and/or running a spell check before posting will be appreciated by all members.

    General Nuisance Posting

    This is the most common thing that people unwittingly do and it can be easily avoided, by a simple rule of thumb, "Thinking before hitting the submit button". We understand that at times members can be passionate in posting their replies, however blatant, pointless posts which serve to simply increase ones post count or provoke negative reactions from other members are not welcome.

    Simple Manners
    When replying to a post ask yourself, "Would I say this if I was talking to this person face to face?" If the answer is no, then don't post it! Walk away from the computer.

    This is when members post items which may give away the result of a race meeting or similar, in threads which do not specifically relate to that event. Members who don't want to know the outcome will stay out of specific threads. All that is asked is that conversations are left out of non-specific threads until the results are widely known. e.g.: Aired on free to air television, etc...

    Posting Attachments

    Any attachment/s, posted on this forum have to be manually approved by a member of the Moderation Team (This is why, when you post an attachment it will not immediately appear).

    Reporting Posts

    If members see a post/thread which they feel breaches these rules, it is requested they report the post to the Moderation Team. This is done by clicking on the red and white triangle, located in the top right hand corner of the offending post/thread. All reported posts/threads are treated with the up most of privacy and every report is considered on it's merits by the Moderation Team.

    Some general information for new members to this forum:

    As a new member to this forum you may find that sometimes your post may not immediately appear after you've pressed the Submit Reply button. If this occurred, please do not re-write your message as it has not been deleted.

    What has happened...
    Our stringent forum filters have blocked your post/thread. Usually this is because your post/thread may contain a URL, picture, etc...but fear not your post/thread has not been deleted. When this happens, an email is sent to the Moderation Team and you will have to wait until they manually approve your post/thread before the rest of the forum can view it. This is done to avoid spam posts, etc.
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